Monday, June 25, 2007

June 25 - Iceland to New York today

Wow, this has been a really good trip! I will have to back fill all of the details from yesterday because the names of the places are difficult. But I can give you an update on where we are today.
Robert, David and Justin and I are getting packed to head downtown for some last minute eating and shopping. Since we didn't get home until 3 am..again, we are slow to start.
First things We find a nice restaurant that has some authentic Icelandic cuisine. Salted Cod and Braised Lamb..mmmmmmm. Really yummy!
Since we are getting close to the time we need to get to the airport, there is only enough time to stop in tourist souvenir places for some gifts and then we are off for a really quick trip next to the tallest place in Iceland, the church.

BTW, contrary to popular belief, Iceland does have trees and is really green here. Of course the trees are all planted and the green is from the moss on the lava rocks, but it is really pretty and there is much to see and do.
They have summer houses outside of town when the weather is nice. Reminds me of Canada and pictures of Ireland.

So we pick up our things and head out in the car to the airport. No offense, but I am ready to be in a country that you can hail a cab instead of going to a taxi stand and where restaurants have to greet you right away and give you your food in a fast, normal cycle. Everything and everybody is relaxed here when is comes to service. I guess we have grown used to having everything at our fingertips and getting the things when we want them.

We are now at the airport and there are more and more people showing up. We should catch a few up on the hours lost along the seas and find ourselves in New York later on tonight but not late.
Justin would like to head to Les Halles for Dinner. Anthony Bordain's restaurant in the city. We are going to call Ness and Val when we land to see if they want to join us. I need to find out what their work schedules are like, I would love to see where they live. chance..we are not able to do so (and you are reading this, Ness) we will make a special trip to NY just for you!
See you soon!!!

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