Tuesday, May 15, 2007

1 Month and Counting 5.14.07

Justin and I doing great. We have already fallen back into our routine at work and with friends. :)
I hope to get more photos from some friends that I know have some: like Traci and Bernie. Also to get my hands on the video (uncut) from the wedding from Val!
I can't wait to see that one. To remember it from a different angle. Yea!!

I am now sewing some projects that I put off for a while. My new venture is to sew a Cathedral Window quilt. Take a look at the picture. While this work is not my own but a rendition of what the finished project will look like, I thought it was worth the time to put a picture of how beautiful it could be. We will see.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Rehearsal Dinner 4.13.07

Photos provided by Bernie Purdy.
Bernie was our and we would like to thank him for such a wonderful job that he did for us. The photos are beautiful!


We received more photos from Mom: Here they are!!
Rehearsal and Wedding Day Photos from Mom