Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June 19 - Dinner at Le Train Bleu

We just ate at the greatest restaurant! I have had really expensive food and I have had really great atmosphere. I even have had really great waiters and wine and tasty food...BUT I have not had all of the elements come together quite like at Le Train Bleu!

Ok, so this is a pricey place but not over the top. Housed in the train station at Gare de Lyon, this restaurant has a fabulous interior dated to the 1900s. It was like eating practically in a museum.
The wine was 72 Euros. It was a chilled Merlot with a nice woodsy flavor. A good choice in my opinion.
We started with Shrimp as an appetizer ordered for 2 people. There were 3 tempura shrimp served with a pineapple confit and sauce (I couldn't get a taste for exact ingredients but it was awesome)! Price..29 Euros
Then Justin ordered the Beef Filet with Bernaise Sauce. It came with roasted potatoes and vrey thin green beans. He really liked this dish, especially the sauce. Price..30 Euros.
I had the best dish. It was called Piglet something or other. It was pork rolled in a fatty layer served with mashed potatoes and topped with a brown sauce. I am describing this horribly but you will just have to trust me that this was the best dish ever. Price..28 Euro
Afterwards we had profiteroles. Ice cream in between puff pastry served table side where they pour the chocolate sauce over the top. Justin also had Cognac. Price..13 and 14 Euros.

So for the greatest dinner..romantic, fun and remarkable served by the most accomodating waiter on earth (he was a delight) our price was only 186 Euros. This is cheaper than some places that you will go in the U.S. and much nicer. Also, the price included the TVA tax, small surcharge for the waiter (we tipped another 20 Euro).

So overall, don't miss out on coming to this place if you visit Paris. It is really easy to get to and well worth it. You can make reservations but we didn't and they accomodated us right away, no waiting. YUM!!!!!! is all I can say.

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Pandora said...

that does sound wonderful. experiences like that make a high price tag for dinner super worth it.

this reminds me of the best meal I've ever had. It was when Justin and I went to Chicago last year for our anniversary. I'll tell you all about it sometime, but if you can ever go, it is so worth it.