Thursday, February 28, 2008

Michael Buble' Concert 2.27.08

What a great experience this was!! If you want to see a great entertainer and love the old crooner music, you will fall in love with Michael Buble'!!!
I have been a fan of his for about 3 years now and I finally got to attend a concert. Justin had bought tickets as my earlier birthday gift/late christmas gift and it was definately worth it!

"Michael Bublé came to the Frank Erwin Center for one night only on February 27; as a part of his third major concert tour of the US. All of the shows on the first leg of his 2007-2008 tour sold out in record time. Now Austin area fans can see one of the hottest concerts of the year, as Bublé brings his irrepressible spirit, engaging humor and confident charisma to the concert stage to perform his current hit, "Everything," from his latest CD, Call Me Irresponsible, along with his smash hit "Home," and all of his other timeless classics.
Bublé's new CD, which he calls "my remark on the state of love," contains a depth of feeling that will surprise and delight long-term fans and impress those new to his music. Call Me Irresponsible boasts more of Bublé's buoyant, modern interpretations, including songs by such greats as Leonard Cohen, Eric Clapton, Cy Coleman and others. " Michael Bublé - Bungalow-B

During his concert he was outragously funny, poking fun at Mayor Will Winn and some country songs. He befriended a 10 year old by the name of Paxton and then greeted the fans with great music off his new CD, Call Me Irresponsible. He actually was very witty and had a sense of humor that encompassed making fun of the band (where they were from and how one was involved with Porn before getting into the band...not) and how greatful he was to be so lucky to be in the place where he is today (fame and all). He was down to earth and very approachable. The girls in the audience fell in love and tears were brought to Justin's eyes when he sang I Want to Go Home and had pictures of Austin and UT flashing in the background. We will be sure to attend another concert. I hear that he is playing Houston this weekend and Dallas in a week or so.

This is one of my favorite entertainers! Thanks to my honey for the tickets and the great seats!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Update on the house......saga

Justin and I decided to place our bid on the house. Unfortunately, we found out that there is a competing bid for the house. There is no way to know how much the othe offer is for or who it came from so all we could do is make our best offer and place a heart felt letter to the sellers.

Keep checking for updates, we should find something out today......

It is now 8:08pm and Justin and I finally heard about 30 minutes ago that the sellers are going to accept the other offer since it was "considerably more" apparently. Too bad for the house, we would have been good a good home owner for that house. :(

We will continue our journey for now and keep our eyes open to other possibilites. :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Great News!

Justin and I are heading to put a bid in on our very own first home!!!! Please wish us luck!

You can look it up with the MLS: Property Details for Listing #4649374

or check out some photos