Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Heading to SA and Christmas Decorations 2008

Justin and I were driving into SA last month for a quick Thanksgiving dinner with David, Robert, Nanny, Janice, Wayne, Val, Sharon and Jimmy (Belinda stopped by before her and Val headed out to their own dinner). On the way we saw a very lovely sunset and I thought that I would share.
Shortly after, I forgot to take any photos of the actual gathering but Val has posted some really nice ones on her blog...

Sunset during Thanksgiving and Holiday Decorations

This month is always cool to decorate since it's now the Christmas spirit! Justin while on vacation for 2 weeks (and not going anywhere) put up some lights on the tree next to the driveway. You can barely see the large ornaments that are hanging on it but I assure you they are quite lovely. :)
Also, I made some wreaths and then visited with Mom, Dad and Sharlin to split up ornaments that Mom had collected over the years. I inherited the porcelein Christmas tree with the "light bright" lights!!!! YEA!! Also, I got Gma/Gpa Korbar's nativity scene which now sits below the TV in the living room. Dad gave Brennan and us a train for around the Christmas tree and there are lots of old ornaments that are now in the tree as well. This is going to be one kick butt Christmas!!!

I am also starting a new blanket for Brennan...its called Colorful Wheels Afghan. What do you think? It's only a couple of rows into it and I still have many more colors to add.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nov 26, 2008 - Week 20 for Brennan

The day before Thanksgiving found us (myself, Justin and In-laws) heading to the Clinic Office for our 20 week Sonogram appointment. I took Wednesday through Friday off for Thanksgiving and to spend a little extra time with Mary and Steve while they came in for a visit with us.
We arrived for the 2pm appointment and while only three of us got to go in (sorry Steve) we had a wonderful time and saw Brennan in a whole new light!
They started out telling us that this one will be DVD'd so that we can go home and show family members and keep as a momento. The better of an hour found us enthralled in the transparent body form that will be Brennan. 10 finger, 10 toes, perfect mouth and eyes, ears, stomach, kidneys, bones....they followed them all to find any imperfections/perfections and body weight and height. At right under 1 pound, he is growing right on the chart scale. He measures about 10 inches now and was kicking and moving his hands and head all the while. (NO..I can't feel him just yet :( They said that my placenta is acting like a pillow to cushion the blows that he is making inside).
Here are some pictures:
20 weeks - Brennan

He is definately all boy!

The rest of the day I was in awe of what was to become a new baby boy. I think it really hit home seeing how he moved and how he is growing into this tiny little thing. I wondered that night how all the cells in his body just knew where to grow and how to link themselves so that his ears were where they were supposed to be and what his features would look like and who he would resemble the most. Would he have Justin's nose or mine (my Dad's)?
He had already showed signs of being Justin's little boy...he kept holding his hand near his face. This is exactly how Justin sleeps at night. See.....awe.

More to come as the weeks pass and as we prepare for his arrival.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Feelings about

Why does it seem that Christmas has to be expoited before we can even enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday season?
Doesn't anyone care that the leaves are changing and that the pilgrims and indians had something that stood for something?

Christmas songs have been playing and there are plenty of Merchandise to buy in all the shops. Merch was available way before Halloween which is plenty sad in its own right. I really like this time of year but it seems that the mass public is so ready just to skip to the end of the seasons and go straight for all the shopping glory when they miss out entirely on the point of each of the season's holidays and what they have to offer.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Updates (Halloween, Fredricksburg & Wurstfest)

Halloween was spent getting off of work and hastily carving a pumpkin with Justin to make our porch look just right. I got into the spirit of baking (LOTS of cookies) while Justin handed out to the kiddos that came to our door. Suprisingly, there were tons of kids that showed up. I think I did an awesome job with the decorations also. Large spiders in a web with a tombstone and some pumpkins. I didn't want to overkill for our first Halloween.

Take a look:
Halloween 2008

The Fredrickburg trip ended up being an impromptu morning thought that ended up on a journey through Lukenbauch, Texas and the Wildflower Center around LBJ park. Fredricksburg is a pretty nice Texas town with lots of shopping for all tastes. They have tons of furniture (antique and new), bakeries, clothing, etc. I ended up not taking a ton of pictures since we were chatting most of the time and trying to look at everything.
Fredricksburg, Texas - Day trip

Wurstfest! Das German festival in New Braunfels! David and Robert were in town and mentioned that they were thinking about going. I had been talking about it for a couple of weeks trying to see if we can make time to go and since this was the perfect excuse, we headed out the door to be awed by the German culture (Yes, I am very honored to be German). :)

Wurstfest 2008

Down and Out in Austin, Texas

Friday afternoon around 3pm I started to get some abdominal pains and they got progressively worse over about 20 minutes. Since I was still at work I had to call Justin to come and pick me up to take me to the doctors (which reminds me, my car is still at work).
Once at the doctors, they took a urination sample and did a quick checkup to see if the baby was ok and he is (thankfully). But they didn't have any conclusions and thought that it might be intestinal.
Friday night was not any better and Saturday was slightly better but the quick shots of pain reminded me all to well what was going on in my body. Could it be the cyst on my ovary giving me some problems? Could it be my appendix? (not likely since I didn't run a fever)
Today, Sunday, offers no conclusions. Justin and I debated whether or not to go to the Emergency Room. Did we want to pay the cost just to be told it was the cyst and there was nothing they could do for us or have them say that it was indeed instestinal and we had to ride the whole thing out? Obviously we are riding the situation out. While today is slightly better, I am still getting some discomfort and some slight twinges of pain. Mind you the pain is sharp when it does hit and so I am reluctant to move out of bed or off the couch.
I feel that the weekend has now been a total disaster and I had to break off my weekend plans to see my family (Vanessa and Justin were coming into SA to drop off their puppies before heading on vacation and Val and Janice were back home from some Chicago to NY road trip). We were going to pick up some items from Mom and Dad and bring them back to our house and now we have nothing. I didn't even get a chance to go play Bingo which I was looking forward to also. :(

So here I am, updating my blog which has been neglected. Dejected and sad that I missed what could have been a lovely weekend with family.
I love you Ness and Val! Sorry that I missed our time together.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Brad Paisley - Paisley Party Tour: Oct. 18, 2008 Selma, Tx

OMG!! I had the best time at the concert. Great seats! Great Entertainment!
Lots to talk about but Justin needs the computer to work. I will have to fill everyone in on the evening. There were tons of pranks done.

Brad Paisley Concert

This came from Brad's site:

Tonight was the last show of the summer tour and the pranks were going off like clockwork. First, when Chuck was playing, about twenty of our crewmembers ran out and covered him with syrup and feathers. Chuck tried to get away by running into the audience, but there was no escaping the BP Crew. During the song, Stealing Cinderella, the MOO TV crew had photoshopped Chucks face on a bunch of Cinderellas. They walked across the screen for the whole song. Next, Brad came out on stage, telling Chuck that Julianne had sent over a video (which Brad hadn’t watched yet) and they put it on the big screen. In the video, Julianne explained how Chuck wasn’t intellectually challenging for her and a little too much of a frat boy country star. She broke up with him via video and even had another man in the tub waiting for her. After Chuck played another song, Julianne appeared on the screen again explaining that it was all a joke that Brad and her set up. On Chuck’s last song, the crew started disassembling the drummer’s drums while he was playing. While another drummer was hidden behind the curtain, Chuck’s drummer was soon air drumming.

Jewel wasn’t pranked until her next to last song when Sweet Pea, dressed as a giant condom, was hoisted above her. He danced and spun around for the whole song. For the last part of Jewel’s show, she usually yodels. During this show, someone on the BP crew muted her microphone and did a Chewbacca impression.

Now, the BP crew knows better than to prank the one who pays them, but Chuck and Jewel didn’t know better. During Brad’s acoustic part of the show, one of Chuck’s crew, DJ, came out dressed as Borat. He did a little routine saying that he wanted to meet Brad, the second best singer on the tour (Second only to Chuck Wicks). On Brad’s last song, the amplifier doors opened up and a bunch of the crew and different band members were in there having a party! Brad went in and shut the doors behind them before he came out to play a few encore songs. Even though the show was over, the pranks weren’t. When Brad’s plane landed in Nashville, Jewel had a surprise in store for him – two cops with multiple warrants waiting to arrest him. As he was sitting in the back of the police car, the officers explained that Jewel Murray had charged him with multiple accounts of “Excessive Noodling.” Of course, Brad pleaded guilty and was let off with a little slap on the wrist.

Thank you all for coming out to all of the shows on this part of the tour. We will kick back off in January with the second part of the Paisley Party tour. Even though we won’t be on the road, we do have some special events coming up which I will write about, so keep tuning in!

Friday, October 3, 2008

And the tests results are in.

We have the tests results and they turned out great. There is a healthy baby growing and we are very excited!

Also, we have found out the sex of the baby....


Saturday, September 27, 2008

11 weeks and counting

11 weeks

We went into the Doctor's office to have the CVS testing done and while we were there we had another chance to see the baby on sonogram.
When they first tried to sonogram the baby, my uterus was having a contraction and the baby's head and upper body was pinned by the walls of the uterus. The funny aspect of this situation were the legs that were still free and kicking quite vigorously as to say, "get me out". The nurse said that this was totally fine and that there aren't any problems with what was happening, it just made for bad pictures. (See picture #2).
A little bit later the doctor came in to do the procedure *more about this later* and did another sonogram. We actually got to see the baby free him/herself (all the while still kicking) and then sink to the bottom in the fluid and make itself at home at the bottom of the uterus. (See pic #1). Justin and I found this experience totally funny and we were both in awe. At least we know that this kid won't give up on the tough situations and will get him/herself out of "tight" predicaments. hahahahaha :)

CVS Screening: http://www.reproductivegenetics.com/cvs.html

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The passing of a dear companion - Puppy Jupe

I know this will be news to those few that read my blog and I am truly and deeply saddened to bear this news. Puppy Jupe passed away today under the Oak tree in the front yard of my parents.
I just spoke with mom and she said that life was normal for PJ. She took her off the lead and let her roam the yard after dad leaves for work. PJ looked at mom for the all clear to go and play but this time lingered for just a little longer which seemed strange to mom. After mom reassured PJ to go and play and a pat on the cheek, PJ walked around the house and was in the front yard doing what PJ did: just soaking in the sunlight and being a great dog.
Mom said that she was out at church and dinner with friends when Dad called and gave her the news that PJ passed away under the big Oak and was at peace.

We will miss our beloved dog. Saved from a lonely life and a broken leg by Uncle Wayne in the beginning and given a second chance to be a family dog to many. She was a good trucking dog, a great companion to Jupes and Korbars alike. We will love you forever!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Little Bundle of Joy - 8 weeks

So don't shoot me since I haven't had a chance to update in a while. For all the questions that have been floating around.....

To-date feeling: nauseous, anxious, tired, excited
Why: pregnant with 1st child
What we won't be doing: decorating a room, re-painting a room, giving the child a nickname too early, introducing pastels into the house
Due Date: Our anniversary....April 14, 2009 (this will be our 2nd anniv.)
What we will be doing: asking family and friends to think of the neutral palette when buying gifts :)

Justin and I are excited that we are able to share this news with everyone. We had to hide the news until we were able to tell our parents and Nanny at the same time and we were fortunate to have that oppportunity when everyone came over for dinner August 23rd. That's when all the news/phone calls/text msgs/emails broke with the rest of the family and friends.
(If you don't tell my parents....Nanny was the first person to know....hehehehehe)

We love all the support that everyone has shown us and wanted to thank you for all your blessings and love as we try to figure this phenom out.

From 8 weeks

Monday, July 21, 2008

Moving Day

Morrow House update and Moving in

Well, moving day has arrived and we headed to San Antonio on the 4th of July for a BBQ with Uncle Wayne, Val (and boyfriend), Nanny and a stop in by Karen. Great food!
We got up really early to leave to move and discovered that Justin could not find his keys. ARG!!!

After searching for 45 minutes we finally found them DEEP in the couch and were off!
We met up with Traci and Albert (and Elaine) at mom and dad's house to get all of our stuff from the apartment. We had to leave the really big stuff for later since we needed most of the little stuff right away.
After having breakfast and laughing at Lainie and how she put her thumb in her mouth after every bite (literally), we were off again to the big town of Austin.

It didn't take very long to unload everything into the new garage since we had extra help from friends here too. Adam, Bonnie and Alex came over for a little help. The boys ran to the austin apartment and brought back our couch, alcohol cabinet and some large items.
Thank goodness.

The unpacking has begun.

Val arrives in Austin

Val arrives in Austin!!

updates on Elaine

Elaine (Lainey) Maria Zarazua - July 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Going the final stretch

Updates on the house and move...I am thoroughly exhausted, so I am going to make this short and sweet.

The past couple of days we sheetrocked the garage, taped and floated it and started on the texturing of the walls. Justin also ran wiring for the new can lights in the garage and they look might nice. Also today we started running all the wiring for the network, phone and video through the house. We also got our crown mouldings up in the living room and bedrooms...wow~! I just need to finish painting and the rooms will be move-in ready probably by this coming weekend.

Leanne stopped by on her way to San Antonio. She was going to the dentist to get her braces finally off. HOOORAY!!!

I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Cinnamon! She turned 13 and I miss her dearly...*sniff.

Working on the Morrow House

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Friend is Leaving...

What started out to be a horrible day has surpassed the scales and move to full couth death-con.
I just learned that Heather, who has been one of my closest friends for the last 16 years, is moving away from Austin to Corpus Christi to be closer with her and her husband's families.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hail Storm April 4, 2008

Early in the evening we had broadcasts that there was going to be a major hail storm in the gill country. What was happening around Lake Travis was supposed to pass by Austin without a problem. I had an eerie feeling that it would be by the house and I was right....
I told Justin that we should move our cars underneath the carports just in case.

Hail Storm May 2008

Housing Update

Justin and I have been working non-stop on fixing up the house with new paint, crown moulding, garage finish-out, shed gut and re-finish-out, new networking cables, updated Electrical and updated HVAC...whew!

I will have pictures soon, I promise....when I get a chance to breathe and take them.

I just got done with painting the 2nd bedroom/closet, office, hallway and living room along with all the trim. What we need still to do for these rooms is the crown moulding and buy and install nice wood blinds (they had cheesy cream color blinds and this just won't do anymore ;)

We should be installing cabling for the network and phone today. We are going to be putting a central brain into the house (more specifically, Justin's office) to run our day-to-day stuff with. We are also will be painting the Master bedroom and closet today.

Stay tuned..

Painting the house

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Justin and I have been at the house Monday and Tuesday after a weekend of camping with our friends. :)
In those days we have been taking out the sheetrock in the Garage and the Big Shed, installing radiant barrier material and organizing our Little Shed that keeps our garden tools and lawn mower and soon we will be removing the fiberglass insulation in the Big Shed since it was not sealed and had an infestation of small to medium size lizards, spiders, red ants and who knows what else...

Today though, I have to tell you, I am totally exhausted and we are going back today to haul the debris that we have been piling up in the Garage along with some of the old wood that the seller left behind. The electricians will start work Thursday (God Willing) and take a week to update our electrical system and new braker box. It is then set for the HVAC people to come in and finish replacing the duct work and other items that they are responsible for.

In the meantime, we have our designer finishing our drawings for the bathroom addition. We already have the outside drawings and elevations and all we need is the inside cabinet and electrical drawings (approx. $800 for everything), then we have to get an engineer to look at the foundation (approx. $450), get a bid from a contractor ($??) and go to our bank to get financing.

Whew...home ownership is WORK. I will keep you updated and try to take some pictures today. :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The House is OURS!

It is finally done. We closed on May 15th!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ending of the Option Period

We have had some really good news! We went back to the Electrician and asked what the cost is to make the house legal. Apparently making the house up to "code" was to rewire the house and put in many more outlets on top of the grounding and replacing the breaker/panel. We are now done!

The seller is going to pay for the repairs and we will assume the city permits (only about a couple hundred $$).

Now we wait until May 15th to close!!!

In the meantime we are waiting to hear back from some designers and the contractors about what the cost will be for adding the new bathroom and carport.

I want the carport to be solid like a carport but look like a pergola..what do you think?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Inspection and Contingencies

You may have heard by now that we have still progressing with the house on Morrow.
The update:
Inspection went well last week but it was determined that the HVAC/furnace was out of code and the ducts would need to be replaced for about $2300+/-. Also the electrical panel and wiring were out of code and most importantly had serious factors that need to be resolved to the amount of $10,000 (ouch!). [The inspection report was rather lengthy but these were the serious two since it is an older house]
After meeting with the electrician and furnace/HVAC person and getting those bids, we forwarded them on and included them in our contigency to the seller that the repairs be made after closing and that they pick up the cost.

Tonight...Janet, our realtor, called and said that the seller does not want to lose us and are willing to split the cost of the repairs 50/50. You should probably know that there is two lingos going on with the electrical that we need to get more information about tomorrow from the electrician that submitted the bid. One was making the house "legal" and the other to "code". I am sure that to make it legal will still be expensive but going to code will make the addition of the 2nd bathroom alot smoother when the time comes.
My stomach is churning on the notion that we could be facing an uphill battle with getting into an older home. Also that the seller will not budge on what she wants to pay.

The facts and then you judge:
Say you were buying this home and the seller's house was in need of some updating. You are thinking that they need to make it "habitable" right? That's what I am thinking. How can you sell a house to another person when the house needs something as basic as electricity without being shocked. The backstory of the seller: she inherited the house from her parents and holds a paid note with no liens on the house. Should she pay the entire amount and call it a day since you think that she is gaining nothing but $dollars in the transaction? She has probably been paying the taxes and house bills since this. Now, say that you know that the house has been on the market for around 249 days..does this make a better bargaining tool for you to get the money you need to bring the house up to code/legal...whatever.?

Now we are faced with asking the electrician the difference between legal and code and seeing what that price point will be. Either way I feel that we start this whole process over with another house or get the seller to assume more of the cost since technically the house is not ours "YET".

YET! Fascinating word that would change lives and hopes. The new meaning that turns an appartment to a house and a buyer to an owner. We will not assume liability YET, we will not be a money pit YET...daunting and sinking and spinning to an ever lasting word..YET.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Found some really cool stuff!

You have to see these!!! Nice in a boys room?

What if I start selling these here?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The funding

Welcome to the wide world of home ownership. We just solidified our APR and deal with Wells Fargo Mortgage. Now we wait until they process us and then we provide documentation in a couple of days. Also, we have an inspection and designer coming out to look at the property on Thursday. WOW!
Here we go.....weeeeeeeeee!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

1501 Morrow....soon to the "The Roans" new digs!

We made an offer and after some slight negotiations, the house is ours!!!!

We decided to focus our attention to buying a house in a small neighborhood called Crestview. Just North of were we currently live but on the inside of Mopac, this is the small neighborhoods that time forgot. The city of Austin is planning big things for the area and there is soon to be an Metro line that runs near it.

Sheila & Justin Roan
1501 Morrow St.
Austin, Texas 78757

It offers 3 bedrooms (1 is a bit small) and 1 bathroom. It has a 2 car garage and a generous backyard. New kitchen appliances and the bathroom has been retiled with Travertine tile.

You can click on this link to take you to a virtual tour: http://vt.realtour.biz/?P=23769&T=NOTIDX&
Also, expect that Justin and I are going to be making some changes to the whole thing to include an additional Master Bathroom and a larger kitchen (knocking out some walls, moving a door and windows) and adding a carport/arbor for keeping our boat.

We will be super busy in the next few weeks getting an inspector out, getting our financing finalized and meeting with parents and an architect to scope out our projects that need to be done. Also finding a contractor..I am so excited! If all goes well, we expect the keys to be in our hands on May16th!!!!

This is the inside (where the new/largert kitchen will be and the side view of the house (where the new bathroom will be).

I forgot to mention that there are 3 churches that surround the house so if you need to attend either a Lutheran, Methodist or Bible...we have you covered and you can get drunk with us on Saturday and crawl there in the morning. :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Zilker Garden Festival March 2008

We decided to head off the the Garden Festival after a "blah" morning. It turned out to be fun looking at the different vendors selling their crafts and lots and lots of plants including flowers, herbs and tropical plus alot more.

Zilker Garden Festival Mar 30 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Donnie Marshall's Birthday - Dec 2007

I know that this is late but I thought that I would post it anyways. :)

Donnie Marshall's Birthday Dec 07

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My "other" man...Brad Paisley!

Justin and I decided to head to the Houston Rodeo this past weekend to see Brad Paisley's concert. What a great time we had!!
We headed up to Houston on Friday and stayed with Ma and Janice. It was cool to catch up and also hear about stories of Val and Ness when they were little (hehehee, I'll never tell :)
We were also fortunate to sell the extra 2 tickets that we bought since our friends were not able to go with us. I am sorry that they missed out.
We headed out that morning and got to the grounds early for breakfast time. Hardly anyone was there as we travelled through the aisles and aisles of vendors and through the carnival grounds, expo grounds and kiddie area. The coolest things going on that day were the mutton busting for the kids (of course!) and the Mule Pulls.
Houston Rodeo 2008
If you have never seen the Mule Pulls before, the next time that you see it on the schedule you have GOT TO GO! The 2 Mules in each team pull a specially constructed weighted sled that they keep added weight to through the competition. The team that pulls the heaviest load wins...BUT it is also factored on the weight of the 2 mules. So figure if you have a lighter team of mules pulling the same weight as a heavier team, the lighter team wins! Pretty cool! But that's not all....those mules WANT to pull. They were born to pull and they will keep trying to pull until they are stopped. Now that was cool! I have some good pics of the teams, so you will have to see what I am talking about.

Now on to Brad!
What a show!! I was simply star-struck. The band put on a great show but alas I was disappointed not in our seats (section 106, really good for a rodeo) or the music/performance...but on the spectators (noticed I didn't say fans) :/
They didn't get up! They didn't let loose or dance! What a bummer. Anyone that knows me, I didn't let those people stop the good time that I was having! I got up and I waved. He came to our section a couple of times and yes, he is gorgeous. I just simply wish the concert to be longer at the rodeo (only 1 hour). I guess I will have to see him in concert :) OH WELL!

Elaine Maria Zarazua

We welcome to the world, a bright and shiney baby girl!!
Traci & Albert have issued in a new chapter of their life with the birth of little Lainey on Feb. 8, 2008.
We are so very happy for them both.

Lainey was born a month early at a tiny weight of 4 lbs, 5 oz. but she is growing fast and has already suited herself to 6 lbs by this month of March.

I will have to post a picture soon! Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Michael Buble' Concert 2.27.08

What a great experience this was!! If you want to see a great entertainer and love the old crooner music, you will fall in love with Michael Buble'!!!
I have been a fan of his for about 3 years now and I finally got to attend a concert. Justin had bought tickets as my earlier birthday gift/late christmas gift and it was definately worth it!

"Michael Bublé came to the Frank Erwin Center for one night only on February 27; as a part of his third major concert tour of the US. All of the shows on the first leg of his 2007-2008 tour sold out in record time. Now Austin area fans can see one of the hottest concerts of the year, as Bublé brings his irrepressible spirit, engaging humor and confident charisma to the concert stage to perform his current hit, "Everything," from his latest CD, Call Me Irresponsible, along with his smash hit "Home," and all of his other timeless classics.
Bublé's new CD, which he calls "my remark on the state of love," contains a depth of feeling that will surprise and delight long-term fans and impress those new to his music. Call Me Irresponsible boasts more of Bublé's buoyant, modern interpretations, including songs by such greats as Leonard Cohen, Eric Clapton, Cy Coleman and others. " Michael Bublé - Bungalow-B

During his concert he was outragously funny, poking fun at Mayor Will Winn and some country songs. He befriended a 10 year old by the name of Paxton and then greeted the fans with great music off his new CD, Call Me Irresponsible. He actually was very witty and had a sense of humor that encompassed making fun of the band (where they were from and how one was involved with Porn before getting into the band...not) and how greatful he was to be so lucky to be in the place where he is today (fame and all). He was down to earth and very approachable. The girls in the audience fell in love and tears were brought to Justin's eyes when he sang I Want to Go Home and had pictures of Austin and UT flashing in the background. We will be sure to attend another concert. I hear that he is playing Houston this weekend and Dallas in a week or so.

This is one of my favorite entertainers! Thanks to my honey for the tickets and the great seats!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Update on the house......saga

Justin and I decided to place our bid on the house. Unfortunately, we found out that there is a competing bid for the house. There is no way to know how much the othe offer is for or who it came from so all we could do is make our best offer and place a heart felt letter to the sellers.

Keep checking for updates, we should find something out today......

It is now 8:08pm and Justin and I finally heard about 30 minutes ago that the sellers are going to accept the other offer since it was "considerably more" apparently. Too bad for the house, we would have been good a good home owner for that house. :(

We will continue our journey for now and keep our eyes open to other possibilites. :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Great News!

Justin and I are heading to put a bid in on our very own first home!!!! Please wish us luck!

You can look it up with the MLS: Property Details for Listing #4649374

or check out some photos