Monday, June 18, 2007

Arrival to Paris via Iceland -June 16th

I will have to post pictures when I have more time, I promise.

We arrive into the Iceland airport, after a drastic 6 hour time change from NY...7 from Texas, at 6:30am. Justin and I tried to catch up on sleep but we stilll didn't get any until the sun was coming up over the wing of the airplane. This part was surreal since we new that we would be all mixed up with no sleep. I honestly don't know how the flight attendants do this daily.

<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>picture is of a small town in Iceland taken from our seats on the outgoing flight to Paris from Iceland>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We touch down in Paris at 1 pm!!

Thank goodness we cleared customs back in Iceland. All that was left was to pick up our baggage and grab a taxi into Paris (37 Euros) to our hotel. BTW, traffic is everywhere and the drive to downtown Paris looks like the suburbs of outer parts of New York. Graffiti and condos are everywhere. It is not until you start to reach the city that you see the architecture of old and the cleanliness of its people.

We check into our hotel and it is exactly like the pictures. Very clean, cute and modern. When I say cute...this means small and cute but cute none the less.

We settle in at the hotel and then refresh before leaving to meet David half way between his hotel and ours to go see some sights. We had a picnic after a quick shower and a tour of the Cathedral at Le Halle.


We head to Notre Dame (only the outside) and then stopped into a cute little place to have crepes and coffee. Yum!
I will tell you that the outside was spectacular, then inside we will have discovered the next day.
Also, nightfall doesn't happen here until around 11pm. The sun isn't really up but the sky is blue and the daylight was still upon us when we walked throught the Latin Quarter to David's hotel. We had a lovely dinner and drinks at a Jazz bar. We didn't get back to our hotel until 3 am...hehehehe! What fun!


Pandora said...

Gosh doesn't the yuckiness of outer Paris gross you out? I hated that about it. I am glad I didn't see it much last time I was there since we were riding trains around everywhere. Of course, flying into NY I never though I'd want to live anywhere other than Manhattan, but where I live in Queens is just fine. :)
I hope y'all get enough rest to enjoy yourselves. We love that head at Les Halles!

$50 taxi ride... yikes!

I think it is INSANE how late it stays light there. Oooh crepes! Yum! I am jealous. Yes, we have crepes here, but it is so not the same.

SheRoan said...

They say the crime outside of the city is more than in the city because of the tourism. There was a lot of graffiti on the walls coming into the city. I am happy to have Austin though. With my beliefs and how green everything is becoming I wouldn't live any other place. It is really nice to visit other places..just not to stay.

The head was great and David back filled in the stories of when you and Val where here on your trip. That is why we took pics with it also.

I like that it is still light so late. I am really not a night owl and this helps. :)