Friday, November 23, 2007

The cutest scarf

So I discovered a new store: Free People

I loooove this store. It reminds me of hymalayan/nepal type wear bordering on czech and alpine lace. I think it is very bohemian and I love it all. There is one scarf in particular that I have my eye on for Xmas. So...honey..if you are reading this then this is the one I want. I promise to put more color in my wardrobe if you buy this for me.. hehehe

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Camping at Pace Bend Park

A group of friends decided to get together and go camping this past weekend. Since the weather is nice (cool for Texas standards) we headed out to Pace Bend Park on Lake Travis with Sarah, Carlos, Jesse, and James. Boy..what an a great time.
It did rain a little. There were noisy kids first thing in the morning. It was a bit cold at night. BUT things turned out just perfect!

Camping at Pace Bend Park