Monday, June 18, 2007

First full day in Paris - June 17th

We got up after crashing at the hotel for just a few hours and headed out to have breakfast with David and touring the Catacombs. These also were near David's hotel in the 14th District.

21 Euros for all 3 of us and we decend down a spiral (narrow also) staircase to an underground corridor filled with pictures and the backstory of the catacombs. You walk through some passage way and then into an area that is filled with the bones of millions of people. There is a guy that quickly tells you that no flash is allowed and we get on our way through the mile journey of underground bones neatly arranged and stacked deep through these tunnels.

We took lots and lots of pictures here. <<<>>>>
This part will have to go quickly, Justin is up and we need to meet Robert now. David took off yesterday and Robert's working the flight that leaves today. But before I go, I will have to fill you in on the Notre Dame, the Musee D'Orsay and the Eiffel Tower.
We did go all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower and it was simply breathtaking!!! It was raining all the while leaving Notre Dame, which we toured the inside, and didn't stop until we were on the top of the Tower and laughing with Robert all the while.
Love you all but got to go and get pretty to see the L'Orangerie and the Louvre with Robert!~
Talk to you soon!!!!
Notre Dame's interior is wonderful and huge. The stain glass was beyond anything that you see in the books or on the internet and while there were lots of people everyone was polite and there were tours that you could listen in on. Justin and I immediately thought that this was overwhelming. The size of the outside still does nothing to hint on the grand entry and hallways inside the cathedral.
After touring the inside of the Notre Dame, Justin and I walk to the Musee D'Orsay via the Siene River. The walk was wonderful and there are lots of boats (sightseeing, living quarters and small ones). The boats that people park and live on are long and have lots and lots of room. Unlike the American version of a yacht, these were low and long with outdoor living spaces much like a courtyard. Cool! Half way there and the rain starts yet again. Not like the rain of Texas, this is lighter and whispier but still will get you soaking. We manage to pick up a painting along the way and still head towards the D'Orsay. Funny thing was Robert was walking ahead of us the entire time from the Notre Dame but we noticed him right before we got to the Musee.
We enter the museum and tour for a while looking at the wonderful works of art and stopping in the cafe with a huge see-through clock for the outside public. After dessert and coffee we try to see the most important pieces but find that they were out on loan. ARG!!
So we decide to head to the Eiffer Tower. Still raining all the while, we get there only to have Justin stopped from taking the bottle of wine to the top. Not that it was wine, mind you, just that it was glass :)
I had to give it away to a couple who were so gracious.
The ride in the lift to the top was super cool. I think we took a ton of pictures for this also. The top was windy and adding in the rain, we still had tons of fun! Very wet and loving it!!
There were really no words to describe the view. All around Paris and descriptions of the places that you are looking at. YOu will have to trust me and just look at the pictures.
Oooohh la la!
Later on that night we stop for dinner at Le Coupe-Chou. Lit by candlelight and small and cozy like a really small wooded cottage we drank wine and laughed with Robert. I forgot to tell you that all sorts of waiters and people that we have been contact with have been super accomodating with the language. If you try they are amused and will speak English with you. Robert's french was very good and got us everything we wanted. Escargot, Lamb, Steak..we ate it all. Filled with food and a little tipsy (ok, me!), we said our goodbyes to Robert and will see him in the morning!


Pandora said...

It's the 14th arrondissement!!! Stupid Americans! I am so envious that you went to the catacombs! WAA!!

haha no flash allowed - yah right! I hope you took loads of pix.
Nevermind, I just read that you did. :) I like your description "the mile journey of underground bones neatly arranged and stacked deep through these tunnels."

Wouldn't it be great to live even part of your life on a boat on the Seine? Retirement, here I come!

I bet even giving the wine up didn't ruin your wonderful mood. You guys probably had a wonderful time - the ENTIRE time.

SheRoan said...

It was Karma after giving the wine up..good Karma! Since it was raining some guy next to me in line kept putting his umbrella over my head to keep me out of the rain. How sweet!!!!