Saturday, June 23, 2007

June 23 - Day in Iceland

Wow, did I mention before that there was going to be daylight the entire time??
It is around 10pm here and it looks around 4pm outside. This has been a crazy day. We slept just a few hours before heading to the Blue Lagoon for relaxation.

The Blue Lagoon is wonderful. The mud and the hot springs of this place are cool to look at. You should know that there is really clean mud that they give you to put on your body and face so that you don't have to use the mud in the pool.. the mud below the waters contains not only the nice mud but 1000s of people's DNA becuase of the hair located in the mud. It kinda grossed me out. Still a cool place to come to but pricey.

We are now headed to hear Robert's cousin's boyfriend sing at a local bar. Apparently we are socializing with the high society of the town.

More later....

The bar we went to has an older crowd than expected but we still hung around to hear him sing. Not bad, Baer was classically trained and is quite popular here but still has the cover band of the 50s sound. :/ Really weird.
After lounging for a while with some drinks, we decide to head back into the center of town to another bar. Not quite as action packed but still a lot of people are out. Funny the older people do not slow down here at all and there are tons out getting quite drunk.

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