Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Heading to SA and Christmas Decorations 2008

Justin and I were driving into SA last month for a quick Thanksgiving dinner with David, Robert, Nanny, Janice, Wayne, Val, Sharon and Jimmy (Belinda stopped by before her and Val headed out to their own dinner). On the way we saw a very lovely sunset and I thought that I would share.
Shortly after, I forgot to take any photos of the actual gathering but Val has posted some really nice ones on her blog...

Sunset during Thanksgiving and Holiday Decorations

This month is always cool to decorate since it's now the Christmas spirit! Justin while on vacation for 2 weeks (and not going anywhere) put up some lights on the tree next to the driveway. You can barely see the large ornaments that are hanging on it but I assure you they are quite lovely. :)
Also, I made some wreaths and then visited with Mom, Dad and Sharlin to split up ornaments that Mom had collected over the years. I inherited the porcelein Christmas tree with the "light bright" lights!!!! YEA!! Also, I got Gma/Gpa Korbar's nativity scene which now sits below the TV in the living room. Dad gave Brennan and us a train for around the Christmas tree and there are lots of old ornaments that are now in the tree as well. This is going to be one kick butt Christmas!!!

I am also starting a new blanket for Brennan...its called Colorful Wheels Afghan. What do you think? It's only a couple of rows into it and I still have many more colors to add.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nov 26, 2008 - Week 20 for Brennan

The day before Thanksgiving found us (myself, Justin and In-laws) heading to the Clinic Office for our 20 week Sonogram appointment. I took Wednesday through Friday off for Thanksgiving and to spend a little extra time with Mary and Steve while they came in for a visit with us.
We arrived for the 2pm appointment and while only three of us got to go in (sorry Steve) we had a wonderful time and saw Brennan in a whole new light!
They started out telling us that this one will be DVD'd so that we can go home and show family members and keep as a momento. The better of an hour found us enthralled in the transparent body form that will be Brennan. 10 finger, 10 toes, perfect mouth and eyes, ears, stomach, kidneys, bones....they followed them all to find any imperfections/perfections and body weight and height. At right under 1 pound, he is growing right on the chart scale. He measures about 10 inches now and was kicking and moving his hands and head all the while. (NO..I can't feel him just yet :( They said that my placenta is acting like a pillow to cushion the blows that he is making inside).
Here are some pictures:
20 weeks - Brennan

He is definately all boy!

The rest of the day I was in awe of what was to become a new baby boy. I think it really hit home seeing how he moved and how he is growing into this tiny little thing. I wondered that night how all the cells in his body just knew where to grow and how to link themselves so that his ears were where they were supposed to be and what his features would look like and who he would resemble the most. Would he have Justin's nose or mine (my Dad's)?
He had already showed signs of being Justin's little boy...he kept holding his hand near his face. This is exactly how Justin sleeps at night. See.....awe.

More to come as the weeks pass and as we prepare for his arrival.