Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Though you are far away, you are not far from our hearts!
We love you and wish you a Happy Birthday on the 23rd!!

Potty Training for, um Dada and Mama?!

We are now in the midst of trying to potty train Brennan.
Hmmm..I know you are thinking what fun, right!?

So it started with a Peter Potty in the bathroom so he can stand to pee just like Daddy and we also bought a potty that goes on the toilet so that it would be less mess when he wants to poop just like Dad. (ik, a visual) SORRY!

Well, a disinterested Brennan only prevailed. I think this was also a fault of ours since we leave the bathroom door closed. (yes, B has been caught playing in the toilet and I think this is UBER gross).

So now we have a frog potty that sits in the hallway. We try not to push the subject and try to allow him to tell us if he wants to go. This only works maybe 10% of the time. I still use diapers so maybe this is part of the failure also. My thinking was that he will see if all the time when he goes to play in his room.

Maybe I just need to be a little more patient. I see some successes and many failures but I don't get too worried. He goes more frequently at school, most likely because he sees his friends going.

Only time will tell I guess, for now I am left researching better ways to have positive influences for the potty. I don't want to try bribing and I am astonished at the amount of families that are out there that do this. I don't want to give him treats to go. I don't push food on him.