Saturday, June 23, 2007

June 22 - Day we are leaving Paris and heading to Iceland

Today we decided to spend touring the old cemetaries of Paris. We head out after a rain kept us in the hotel to picnic on bread and meats on out bed. Yes, we had a wonderful time eating lunch at the hotel and pretending that it was a beautiful day filled with wine and food. We laughed a ton and as soon as the sky was clear, we headed out to the cemetary.
Packed full of big old architecture crypts, we saw the tomb of Jim Morrison and many others that I will have to write about later.

For now we are getting a taxi to head in rush hour to the airport. We should arrive in Iceland around 2 am and drive the 45 minutes to Reykjavic and Robert's cousin's house. By the way, it will be daylight the entire time that we are there!!! How cool.

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