Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back to the Daily Grind

Why is it that you look forward to your vacations then in a blink of an eye it is all over? I have to mention that I loved my time away from the States and now that it is over, I long to explore those parts of the world that are waiting for me. They wait for the weary traveller...the ones that will save money all year long, prep their suitcases for the inevitable trip and become teary eyed when all they have are memories left on film.

$25,000 is all I need.
Debt free and left to use my money for living my daily average life and go on amazing trips with the money I earn day to day.

House on the lake?
Trip to Australia?
Lounging on the beach?
What do I want when I grow old and where do I want to go in the world?

Not to much to ask.

Today I know. Justin and I are going to see the new Harry Potter flick -->Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We have waited for such a long time for this movie and now it is here. After a marathon of movies this weekend, we are prepared for the next installment. Then later, taking my already purchased ticket, to pick up my final Harry Potter book. :)
I am a HP Fan..I admit it.


Pandora said...

How pathetic is it that I just read this post?
I wish I had the answers to all those questions... Especially the what do I want when I grow old and where do I want to go ones... Do you think we'll ever know?

SheRoan said...

I don't think that people like us will ever truley find what they want. Instead we float to the things that suit our needs at the moment and fill us up for the time being.
Sadly, I wish it was different. We are so hum.