Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trying it again.

We have gone through some major changes the last year or so and with facebook, this blog was all but gone. I thought I would push the door open again and see if I have time to update and post daily ongoings (or at least major goings ons).

Today, I sit with a new company. Multimedia Games is a wonderful, exciting, gaming company in which we produce and sell slot machines and software. I have a very outgoing team with great people and I am no longer induced everday by negativity as I was with ADP Totalsource and its inadequate management and down-right nasty employees. The job was overwhelming and underpaid for the treatment that I had to go to work with everyday. Things are definately looking up.

Justin and I have a new kitchen! We started the demolition in Oct 2010, bought cabinets by the end of that month and now..Jan 2011, we are done with flooring, doors, cabinets and most trimwork. I am super happy with the outcome. Now he just has to stop me from cooking...LOL!

Brennan is now 21 months and he is putting his personality out there and testing our limits. We are just trying to be patient and let him explore without too many no's said but all in all that is kinda hard since its like a moth to a flame in most cases and the normal dangers that we have to prevent him from he seems to love the most.
There are more temper tantrums and he is saying no to lots of thing but the great moments come from the yes's and the sparatic hugs and "mote" to turn on and watch toons and dance together. LOL! little bug!

Traci and Albert are expecting their 2nd child a month from now if the pregnancy lasts that long. Marcus will be welcomed to a new home also that they are building in St. Hedwig. It is huge and will definatley be a wonderful thing for Lainey and the family.

That's all for now..don't want to give away everything. I have lots more in the days coming... Peace.