Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 21 - Trip to Versaille

Unhappy day it is for me - really, just me. I am in bed today resting my back that keeps shooting sharp pains when I move. I figured if I rest today then tonight I should be somewhat fine to take pictures at the Eiffel Tower when it gets dark.
So here I bed...sleeping, taking meds, watching Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy (one of my favorite movies) and relaxing to try to escape the lower back pains.
Justin, David and Robert have done me the greatest of favors by going to multiple stores in the hopes to find meds that will eleviate some of the pain and to buy food to fill my tummy while they are at the Palace and Gardens in Versaille.

We keep in touch by texting messages and they shoot pictures via David's phone to show me how fabulous Versaille can be.

BTW: Paris' version of soap operas are just a cheesy as the U.S. and they have channels that are in Islamic, Japanese and other languages. The only english channel is really CNN here.


Dinner tonight was at Julien across town. The architecture was not a disappointment. We have tons of pictures here also. Robert and I started with French Onion soup that was far better than anything that I have ever had. The escargot that we shared and the pate that David and Justin had were great too.
We ddin't make reservations and there was no need since the restaurant was open well past 1 am serving food. Come here and you will be delighted in the atmosphere and the service. Ciao!

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