Monday, June 18, 2007

The Start of our Honeymoon - June 14 and 15

I'll start with backfilling in for our trip over here. We departed Austin only to be mixed up in the blender of delayed arrivals to Dallas and New York. When we checked into Austin, the gate agent put us on an earlier flight...thank goodness since we didn't end up leaving because of the weather "around" Dallas. Long story short, we arrived into Newark airport around 2:00 am and finally reached David and Robert's apartment at 3:00 am.

We got up later that morning after some really quick rest to go eat breakfast with David in the City. We did some shopping in Soho and headed back to get ready for our flight to Paris via Iceland. The flight was at 8:35pm so we would have to leave around 4 to take in account of the traffic that we would encounter. (OK, so the traffic was worse then we thought! It took an hour and a half just to taxi our way to JFK...arg!) Here's the funny part, since we were stuck in traffic, our taxi driver decided to take a detour to try to get us there quicker. He turned down the avenue that Vanessa and Justin S. live on. After a call to our cousin, she informed us that she was just leaving work and that we might be passing her. The taxi driver was so cool that we had a few moments to see Ness and Justin along with one of their friends from work. YEAH!! Quick hugs and dinner plans when we get back...yeppers.

Ok, so we reach JFK and David walks us to our gate. Luckily his sign in for his Paris trip was around our departure time so he got to go with us. THANK YOU...David and Rob give us a huge suprise by packing a boatload of snacks, redbull and water along with books and maps as a gift to us. There were things like a book of the Little Prince and really nice headphones, crossword puzzles and all sorts of goodies. J and I were both suprised, this was such a nice gesture!!

Justin and I board for Iceland.
Let me just say that the flight attendants for Iceland Air are really pretty! Very straightforward but really pretty :/
On to June 16th...and our first day!


Pandora said...

awww I made it in your story!
and I guess I won't ever be flying icelandair if they are that pretty heehe
and Dao and Rob rock with their thoughtfulness. ;)

SheRoan said...

You will always make it in my stories..:P
They are pretty sweet. We have been all over the place here, make sure that you are really fit if you want to not be sore!