Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Brad Paisley - Paisley Party Tour: Oct. 18, 2008 Selma, Tx

OMG!! I had the best time at the concert. Great seats! Great Entertainment!
Lots to talk about but Justin needs the computer to work. I will have to fill everyone in on the evening. There were tons of pranks done.

Brad Paisley Concert

This came from Brad's site:

Tonight was the last show of the summer tour and the pranks were going off like clockwork. First, when Chuck was playing, about twenty of our crewmembers ran out and covered him with syrup and feathers. Chuck tried to get away by running into the audience, but there was no escaping the BP Crew. During the song, Stealing Cinderella, the MOO TV crew had photoshopped Chucks face on a bunch of Cinderellas. They walked across the screen for the whole song. Next, Brad came out on stage, telling Chuck that Julianne had sent over a video (which Brad hadn’t watched yet) and they put it on the big screen. In the video, Julianne explained how Chuck wasn’t intellectually challenging for her and a little too much of a frat boy country star. She broke up with him via video and even had another man in the tub waiting for her. After Chuck played another song, Julianne appeared on the screen again explaining that it was all a joke that Brad and her set up. On Chuck’s last song, the crew started disassembling the drummer’s drums while he was playing. While another drummer was hidden behind the curtain, Chuck’s drummer was soon air drumming.

Jewel wasn’t pranked until her next to last song when Sweet Pea, dressed as a giant condom, was hoisted above her. He danced and spun around for the whole song. For the last part of Jewel’s show, she usually yodels. During this show, someone on the BP crew muted her microphone and did a Chewbacca impression.

Now, the BP crew knows better than to prank the one who pays them, but Chuck and Jewel didn’t know better. During Brad’s acoustic part of the show, one of Chuck’s crew, DJ, came out dressed as Borat. He did a little routine saying that he wanted to meet Brad, the second best singer on the tour (Second only to Chuck Wicks). On Brad’s last song, the amplifier doors opened up and a bunch of the crew and different band members were in there having a party! Brad went in and shut the doors behind them before he came out to play a few encore songs. Even though the show was over, the pranks weren’t. When Brad’s plane landed in Nashville, Jewel had a surprise in store for him – two cops with multiple warrants waiting to arrest him. As he was sitting in the back of the police car, the officers explained that Jewel Murray had charged him with multiple accounts of “Excessive Noodling.” Of course, Brad pleaded guilty and was let off with a little slap on the wrist.

Thank you all for coming out to all of the shows on this part of the tour. We will kick back off in January with the second part of the Paisley Party tour. Even though we won’t be on the road, we do have some special events coming up which I will write about, so keep tuning in!

Friday, October 3, 2008

And the tests results are in.

We have the tests results and they turned out great. There is a healthy baby growing and we are very excited!

Also, we have found out the sex of the baby....