Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Honeymoon is upon us

Justin and I have just finished a shopping spree that puts us back in the fashion fast lane so that we won't look like total Americans when we visit Paris and Iceland. No tennis shoes or jeans..hmf.

We will spend the next few days cleaning the house and prepping for the day we have to leave. I have already begun to pack and we are still more than a week out.

Yesterday we received our metro and museum passes to get us in and out of everything while we are there and not have to wait in line or keep paying for everything. I am relieved! I also didn't have any problems with my passport like many people that I am hearing about. I did the expedited service and got it back in a week.

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Pandora said...

I did the expedited service the first time I got mine and didn't have trouble either. That is so exciting Sheila! :) I am so happy for you. I hope you'll have time to stop by and see our apartment when you go through New York!