Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anniversary #4

Wonderful day to wake up to knowing that I married Justin 4 years ago today. Things are swarming in my mind though of all the things that we have done up to now and what still needs to happen. I'm fixated on buying an airstream now that the kitchen has been renovated. I have a chip in my diamond that needs to be replaced at Jared's but I am hesistant since this is the diamond that Justin picked out for me. (dang, I knew to take off my rings when I do projects...).
Brennan turned 2 at the beginning of this month and I might have to post strictly for that since that would be a long one. Yesterday he had his first swimming lesson and although it didn't start so smoothly, it ended pretty well. He was associating swimming with fun again. I am also tempted to build a swimming pool in the backyard. (Justin says no but we can work on that one).
Taxes are due and I am getting tired of paying but this year it wasn't so much since we dropped alot into the house and could write off in taxes this year. (hence, my reasoning that we need an airstream!) (2nd mortgage could be written off in Texas). :)
Justin is taking me to Paggi House tonight and Nana & Papa are coming in to watch Brennan. Should be fun!
I keep thinking that I should start sewing again since it has been a while and I still have over half of a quilt to put together. whoa. things catch up and go by quickly.
BUT I am glad of where I am today. Great family, great husband, great kiddo, great friends, great job...finally and to think I am 38. Bout time!