Sunday, March 30, 2008

Zilker Garden Festival March 2008

We decided to head off the the Garden Festival after a "blah" morning. It turned out to be fun looking at the different vendors selling their crafts and lots and lots of plants including flowers, herbs and tropical plus alot more.

Zilker Garden Festival Mar 30 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Donnie Marshall's Birthday - Dec 2007

I know that this is late but I thought that I would post it anyways. :)

Donnie Marshall's Birthday Dec 07

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My "other" man...Brad Paisley!

Justin and I decided to head to the Houston Rodeo this past weekend to see Brad Paisley's concert. What a great time we had!!
We headed up to Houston on Friday and stayed with Ma and Janice. It was cool to catch up and also hear about stories of Val and Ness when they were little (hehehee, I'll never tell :)
We were also fortunate to sell the extra 2 tickets that we bought since our friends were not able to go with us. I am sorry that they missed out.
We headed out that morning and got to the grounds early for breakfast time. Hardly anyone was there as we travelled through the aisles and aisles of vendors and through the carnival grounds, expo grounds and kiddie area. The coolest things going on that day were the mutton busting for the kids (of course!) and the Mule Pulls.
Houston Rodeo 2008
If you have never seen the Mule Pulls before, the next time that you see it on the schedule you have GOT TO GO! The 2 Mules in each team pull a specially constructed weighted sled that they keep added weight to through the competition. The team that pulls the heaviest load wins...BUT it is also factored on the weight of the 2 mules. So figure if you have a lighter team of mules pulling the same weight as a heavier team, the lighter team wins! Pretty cool! But that's not all....those mules WANT to pull. They were born to pull and they will keep trying to pull until they are stopped. Now that was cool! I have some good pics of the teams, so you will have to see what I am talking about.

Now on to Brad!
What a show!! I was simply star-struck. The band put on a great show but alas I was disappointed not in our seats (section 106, really good for a rodeo) or the music/performance...but on the spectators (noticed I didn't say fans) :/
They didn't get up! They didn't let loose or dance! What a bummer. Anyone that knows me, I didn't let those people stop the good time that I was having! I got up and I waved. He came to our section a couple of times and yes, he is gorgeous. I just simply wish the concert to be longer at the rodeo (only 1 hour). I guess I will have to see him in concert :) OH WELL!

Elaine Maria Zarazua

We welcome to the world, a bright and shiney baby girl!!
Traci & Albert have issued in a new chapter of their life with the birth of little Lainey on Feb. 8, 2008.
We are so very happy for them both.

Lainey was born a month early at a tiny weight of 4 lbs, 5 oz. but she is growing fast and has already suited herself to 6 lbs by this month of March.

I will have to post a picture soon! Stay tuned!