Tuesday, May 15, 2007

1 Month and Counting 5.14.07

Justin and I doing great. We have already fallen back into our routine at work and with friends. :)
I hope to get more photos from some friends that I know have some: like Traci and Bernie. Also to get my hands on the video (uncut) from the wedding from Val!
I can't wait to see that one. To remember it from a different angle. Yea!!

I am now sewing some projects that I put off for a while. My new venture is to sew a Cathedral Window quilt. Take a look at the picture. While this work is not my own but a rendition of what the finished project will look like, I thought it was worth the time to put a picture of how beautiful it could be. We will see.

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Pandora said...

That is really nice, She!