Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Little Bundle of Joy - 8 weeks

So don't shoot me since I haven't had a chance to update in a while. For all the questions that have been floating around.....

To-date feeling: nauseous, anxious, tired, excited
Why: pregnant with 1st child
What we won't be doing: decorating a room, re-painting a room, giving the child a nickname too early, introducing pastels into the house
Due Date: Our anniversary....April 14, 2009 (this will be our 2nd anniv.)
What we will be doing: asking family and friends to think of the neutral palette when buying gifts :)

Justin and I are excited that we are able to share this news with everyone. We had to hide the news until we were able to tell our parents and Nanny at the same time and we were fortunate to have that oppportunity when everyone came over for dinner August 23rd. That's when all the news/phone calls/text msgs/emails broke with the rest of the family and friends.
(If you don't tell my parents....Nanny was the first person to know....hehehehehe)

We love all the support that everyone has shown us and wanted to thank you for all your blessings and love as we try to figure this phenom out.

From 8 weeks

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Vanessa said...

Peanut it is!!!

Love you - thanks for updating. :)