Sunday, November 16, 2008

Down and Out in Austin, Texas

Friday afternoon around 3pm I started to get some abdominal pains and they got progressively worse over about 20 minutes. Since I was still at work I had to call Justin to come and pick me up to take me to the doctors (which reminds me, my car is still at work).
Once at the doctors, they took a urination sample and did a quick checkup to see if the baby was ok and he is (thankfully). But they didn't have any conclusions and thought that it might be intestinal.
Friday night was not any better and Saturday was slightly better but the quick shots of pain reminded me all to well what was going on in my body. Could it be the cyst on my ovary giving me some problems? Could it be my appendix? (not likely since I didn't run a fever)
Today, Sunday, offers no conclusions. Justin and I debated whether or not to go to the Emergency Room. Did we want to pay the cost just to be told it was the cyst and there was nothing they could do for us or have them say that it was indeed instestinal and we had to ride the whole thing out? Obviously we are riding the situation out. While today is slightly better, I am still getting some discomfort and some slight twinges of pain. Mind you the pain is sharp when it does hit and so I am reluctant to move out of bed or off the couch.
I feel that the weekend has now been a total disaster and I had to break off my weekend plans to see my family (Vanessa and Justin were coming into SA to drop off their puppies before heading on vacation and Val and Janice were back home from some Chicago to NY road trip). We were going to pick up some items from Mom and Dad and bring them back to our house and now we have nothing. I didn't even get a chance to go play Bingo which I was looking forward to also. :(

So here I am, updating my blog which has been neglected. Dejected and sad that I missed what could have been a lovely weekend with family.
I love you Ness and Val! Sorry that I missed our time together.



Val! said...

It is a shame yr blog has been neglected, but how are u feeling now??? thats the number 1 question

Love u!!

Vanessa said...

love you She :( hope you're feeling better. Do they have results of the urinalysis?

SheRoan said...

Feeling much better and the urinalysis came out fine. We may never know what really happened but I am staying away from Mexican food for a while since that is what I ate that day it all started.