Saturday, September 27, 2008

11 weeks and counting

11 weeks

We went into the Doctor's office to have the CVS testing done and while we were there we had another chance to see the baby on sonogram.
When they first tried to sonogram the baby, my uterus was having a contraction and the baby's head and upper body was pinned by the walls of the uterus. The funny aspect of this situation were the legs that were still free and kicking quite vigorously as to say, "get me out". The nurse said that this was totally fine and that there aren't any problems with what was happening, it just made for bad pictures. (See picture #2).
A little bit later the doctor came in to do the procedure *more about this later* and did another sonogram. We actually got to see the baby free him/herself (all the while still kicking) and then sink to the bottom in the fluid and make itself at home at the bottom of the uterus. (See pic #1). Justin and I found this experience totally funny and we were both in awe. At least we know that this kid won't give up on the tough situations and will get him/herself out of "tight" predicaments. hahahahaha :)

CVS Screening:


Vanessa said...

Wow that is so weird but interesting. Man, life isn't easy even in the beginning, is it?
So your first trimester is just about done. How crazy is that!!!

Val! said...

Wa! Let us know how the CVS goes :/
Im glad yr baby finally got free and could relax!! He doesnt need to keep having his head squished, Sheila! Coming from the 2 of you he will need all that help he can get. Muahhaa:>
or She.