Monday, July 21, 2008

Moving Day

Morrow House update and Moving in

Well, moving day has arrived and we headed to San Antonio on the 4th of July for a BBQ with Uncle Wayne, Val (and boyfriend), Nanny and a stop in by Karen. Great food!
We got up really early to leave to move and discovered that Justin could not find his keys. ARG!!!

After searching for 45 minutes we finally found them DEEP in the couch and were off!
We met up with Traci and Albert (and Elaine) at mom and dad's house to get all of our stuff from the apartment. We had to leave the really big stuff for later since we needed most of the little stuff right away.
After having breakfast and laughing at Lainie and how she put her thumb in her mouth after every bite (literally), we were off again to the big town of Austin.

It didn't take very long to unload everything into the new garage since we had extra help from friends here too. Adam, Bonnie and Alex came over for a little help. The boys ran to the austin apartment and brought back our couch, alcohol cabinet and some large items.
Thank goodness.

The unpacking has begun.

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umm.. hello
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