Monday, June 9, 2008

Housing Update

Justin and I have been working non-stop on fixing up the house with new paint, crown moulding, garage finish-out, shed gut and re-finish-out, new networking cables, updated Electrical and updated HVAC...whew!

I will have pictures soon, I promise....when I get a chance to breathe and take them.

I just got done with painting the 2nd bedroom/closet, office, hallway and living room along with all the trim. What we need still to do for these rooms is the crown moulding and buy and install nice wood blinds (they had cheesy cream color blinds and this just won't do anymore ;)

We should be installing cabling for the network and phone today. We are going to be putting a central brain into the house (more specifically, Justin's office) to run our day-to-day stuff with. We are also will be painting the Master bedroom and closet today.

Stay tuned..

Painting the house

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Vanessa said...

She - Justin and I ordered blinds from here and we LOVE them:

I am so psyched to look through your photos. Justin and Brodie look adorable! Next time, have Justin take one of you working too! :)

Love you!!