Sunday, November 16, 2008

Updates (Halloween, Fredricksburg & Wurstfest)

Halloween was spent getting off of work and hastily carving a pumpkin with Justin to make our porch look just right. I got into the spirit of baking (LOTS of cookies) while Justin handed out to the kiddos that came to our door. Suprisingly, there were tons of kids that showed up. I think I did an awesome job with the decorations also. Large spiders in a web with a tombstone and some pumpkins. I didn't want to overkill for our first Halloween.

Take a look:
Halloween 2008

The Fredrickburg trip ended up being an impromptu morning thought that ended up on a journey through Lukenbauch, Texas and the Wildflower Center around LBJ park. Fredricksburg is a pretty nice Texas town with lots of shopping for all tastes. They have tons of furniture (antique and new), bakeries, clothing, etc. I ended up not taking a ton of pictures since we were chatting most of the time and trying to look at everything.
Fredricksburg, Texas - Day trip

Wurstfest! Das German festival in New Braunfels! David and Robert were in town and mentioned that they were thinking about going. I had been talking about it for a couple of weeks trying to see if we can make time to go and since this was the perfect excuse, we headed out the door to be awed by the German culture (Yes, I am very honored to be German). :)

Wurstfest 2008

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