Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The passing of a dear companion - Puppy Jupe

I know this will be news to those few that read my blog and I am truly and deeply saddened to bear this news. Puppy Jupe passed away today under the Oak tree in the front yard of my parents.
I just spoke with mom and she said that life was normal for PJ. She took her off the lead and let her roam the yard after dad leaves for work. PJ looked at mom for the all clear to go and play but this time lingered for just a little longer which seemed strange to mom. After mom reassured PJ to go and play and a pat on the cheek, PJ walked around the house and was in the front yard doing what PJ did: just soaking in the sunlight and being a great dog.
Mom said that she was out at church and dinner with friends when Dad called and gave her the news that PJ passed away under the big Oak and was at peace.

We will miss our beloved dog. Saved from a lonely life and a broken leg by Uncle Wayne in the beginning and given a second chance to be a family dog to many. She was a good trucking dog, a great companion to Jupes and Korbars alike. We will love you forever!


Vanessa said...

This is a really sweet entry, Sheila. Thank you for writing it an expressing in words what a sweet doggie she was. I love you and am very sorry that she is gone, but she did bring joy to those of us that were lucky enough to know her. <3

Val! said...

Yes thanks for this update. Puppy Jupe was such a pretty, loving doggy. I am glad she died peacefully.