Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Heading to SA and Christmas Decorations 2008

Justin and I were driving into SA last month for a quick Thanksgiving dinner with David, Robert, Nanny, Janice, Wayne, Val, Sharon and Jimmy (Belinda stopped by before her and Val headed out to their own dinner). On the way we saw a very lovely sunset and I thought that I would share.
Shortly after, I forgot to take any photos of the actual gathering but Val has posted some really nice ones on her blog...

Sunset during Thanksgiving and Holiday Decorations

This month is always cool to decorate since it's now the Christmas spirit! Justin while on vacation for 2 weeks (and not going anywhere) put up some lights on the tree next to the driveway. You can barely see the large ornaments that are hanging on it but I assure you they are quite lovely. :)
Also, I made some wreaths and then visited with Mom, Dad and Sharlin to split up ornaments that Mom had collected over the years. I inherited the porcelein Christmas tree with the "light bright" lights!!!! YEA!! Also, I got Gma/Gpa Korbar's nativity scene which now sits below the TV in the living room. Dad gave Brennan and us a train for around the Christmas tree and there are lots of old ornaments that are now in the tree as well. This is going to be one kick butt Christmas!!!

I am also starting a new blanket for Brennan...its called Colorful Wheels Afghan. What do you think? It's only a couple of rows into it and I still have many more colors to add.

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