Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jupe Christmas 2008 at our house

Christmas was delightful and full of love and happiness. David came in a few days early from New York and then Robert, Leanne, Chris (Annie's boyfriend) and Aunt Linda followed on Friday. We spent the days leading up to our Christmas shopping, running errands and baking/cooking. Lots of fun!
Saturday was our family Christmas and everyone was in attendance except Vanessa and Justin S. They were snowed in back at their home in New York...but made it at 2am Saturday morning. There was lots of movement from kitchen to dining room to living room, smokers in the backyard underneath the almost leafless Pecan tree, and hanging out with merriment drinks in the living room. We had a royal feast on China and antique placeware as well as eggnog and all the fixin's. Later on in the night the family crammed into our small living room and partook in the White Elephant gift exchange where my Martha Stewart pottery mixing bowls were a hit and made it around the room multiple times before the best hubby of mine grabbed them last :)
Here are the photos from the days leading up to Christmas:
Christmas 2008

And Christmas Day (ok..Saturday the 20th but who cares as long as family is together);
Christmas Day 2008 (Dec 20)

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Vanessa said...

I enjoyed reading this. I wish I got emailed when you updated.