Saturday, August 25, 2007

OMG Estate Sales R Us

When I woke up this morning around 6:30ish I wondered what I was going to do today. I sat down and pinned a couple of more pieces together for Nanny's quilt and thought to myself today would be a good day for garage sales....nea, Estate Sales!

Why waste your time at garage sales sifting through the junk of people and who knows what you would find. Go straight for the good stuff I always say.

I found this ad in the Austin Statesman this morning:

Central - FINE ESTATE SALE 1914 Victorian estate in Hyde Park, a time capsule of the very finest china-crystal -Roseville-Staffordshire- Limoges-too numerous to list-old Persian rugs-exquisite American furniture- 1960's collection of vintage Mexican pottery, iron & decor-rare Life mags, paper & vintage postcards-linens, quilt fabrics-vintage hats & clothes-rare books-costume jewelry-the best of everything & some good old junk too. Fri, 24th at 9am-5pm (no earlier!). Sat, 25th, 9-5. Sun, 26th, 10-5 half price. CC & cash only. Park smart or ride the bus. 506 Texas Ave. 38th at Duval. This great lady had fine stuff, come and see
First Date Published: 24-Aug-07
Source: Statesman Classifieds

Delighted with my newest direction of buying, I headed out early to beat the crowd only with the presumption that I would only look for fabric...vintage of course. wouldn't believe what I FOUND....LOOK!!!

My first find was a picture frame containing old flower post cards...

My second find was a pair of lights..yippee!

Next up were some small stuff: Tinkertoys, anytime note cards, teapot, really cool purple hat, glass bowl and some old vases (Haeger and Redwing). Cool old sheet pans, old rag rugs and a brooch thrown in! But that's not all I tell you. Not by far!!

Then I went into the backyard and found a lamp and a chandelier that you will find amazing..

Why stop there?!! Don't even think about it! I found some old fabric shears and shoe horns (metal), antique glass salt bowls and mother of pearl spoons to match!

Then I found what I call the best of the best... a kick ass actual silver mirror!! Jealous???!!! You should be! I got the mirror for pennies and it is worth thousands!! Whoo Haa Haa Haa!!!!!

This was my final purchase, I just love old ties. Brodie doesn't look to happy but his momma was considering I purchased all this for just a few hundred dollars.


Pandora said...

hahaha poor brodie puppy :)
What are you doing with all those things? I really like the postcards/frame. The mirror is cool too. I imagine Dao will like those ties. I am not sure about the lamps, but I bet you have a vision.

SheRoan said...

They are all going into my creative space with my fabric "studio". I have to get the lamps rewired though. They are way cooler in person.