Saturday, February 7, 2009

Inspiration comes in many forms for me!

Originally I had stumbled upon Amigurumi...a japanese doll that is made by crocheting or knitting yarn. I was peaked with interest but when you google the word only some small, not very interesting animals or figures came up. That's when I found "Boo"!
This is the inspiration doll that got me started on my hunt to make a doll of my own ----->

Then I was inspired by Gourmet Crochet's Beth Doherty to make a doll that had a little personality and had fabulous eyes and details.

This is the 2nd inpiration doll: She is called "Cleo".

So now to my first creation...I am pleased to announce "Ula" has arrived. I am still working on some more details like giving her a necklace and some shoes.

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Vanessa said...

Great job She!!!! She is awesome! :D