Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Christmas at the country house for the Roans?

This Christmas, Justin and I travelled to Nacogdoches to spend some extra time with his parents and the family. It hit us right before Christmas dinner that this might be the last time that this house will see Christmas for the Roan family. They are getting ready to put the house up for sale to move into town and build a new shiney home.

See the pretty antiques that Mary collects, she has ultimate taste and an eye for things pretty. Manuel and Pat (Mary's brother and sister) joined in for the feast. Yummy! We ate way too much and took more home for Justin to pig out on.

Merry Christmas!!


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Vanessa said...

She - I just saw this. I wish you had an auto-subscriber thing on your site. Feeburner -feedburner----

Anyway, it's a lovely setup. I adore the curtains and the china. A bit eccentric, which makes it even better. :)

Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday! I made a picture for you!

brikee said...

Found out it was your bday from Vanessa's blog. Happy Birthday!