Sunday, October 21, 2007

Justin's Day of Relaxing Golf and Wreckage?!

Justin was playing in a Golf tournament on Friday, October 19th. He had just finished at around 7pm and was leaving the course to turn on Enfield (not even a mile from home) when a white van t-boned him. He said that he looked both ways and didn't see the van until it was too late. The speed limit is 30 miles an hour on this road but I am convinced that the van had to be speeding considering Justin's truck was facing back to where he came out of the drive, the bed of his truck smashed into the high embankment yard of a nearby neighbor and his tool chest (bolted to his truck) was torn and thrown into the yard. But Justin was cited for Failure to Yield at a Stop Sign and the other old country guy was left without a ticket.
Be sure that there is a fight in order.

These are the day-after pictures....

Justin's Wreck

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Vanessa said...

OMG Sheila - I am so sorry! Is Justin okay??